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IMG_0012Of all the front end work you can list to jump start your renovation project, the most important is finding a contractor who fits you and the project.  Of course, the contractor has to have the skills, abilities and experience that fit the demands of the project.  Most importantly the contractor has to fit the client.  This is no different than any interpersonal relationship.  You will be on an extended “date” throughout the length of the project so you need a high degree of compatibility.

The critical ingredient of compatibility is trust.  This is a two-way street between client and contractor.  With mutual trust you are a team along with suppliers and subcontractors pulling in the same direction to achieve a successful project.  Without trust you can invest precious time supporting a competitive working relationship and the frustration that goes with it.  .

Next question:  Where do you find the contractor with the right fit?  The tried and true advice still holds . . . talk to friends and acquaintances who have recently done work on their home.  Invite a prospective contractor to visit your proposed project and get an introduction to your ideas.  Listen carefully, not only to ideas and solutions, but also to the way the contractor talks about his work.  Is there enthusiasm for the work or is the conversation all about business?  Is the contractor willing to engage in how to develop the project to meet your needs?  If you feel the need for more information ask the contractor for references to recent projects similar to your own where you can call his client or visit their project.  Look for quality and consistency of workmanship.  Ask previous clients how the job went and then listen.

A renovation project going on in your home while you are living there is unavoidably disruptive and stressful.  When you get the right fit with a contractor the experience is fun, engaging, exciting and gratifying.