What we do

Grandpa and GirlsTychon is a general contractor design/build renovation specialist. We can provide planning guidance and support from pre-construction services through to the final build, including color consultation, cabinet design, space planning, systems upgrades or appliance and materials selection, including best application approaches.

Tychon clients are looking for an experienced contractor with the creativity to bring the vision of their remodeling project into reality while effectively engineering project costs to maximize the gains to their home. Moving from reading about ideas in a book or hearing them from a consultant to actual application can be a challenge. Implementation can’t be haphazard. It must be part of a carefully considered strategy. Clients want new work to seamlessly integrate into and compliment their home’s architecture as well as be durable and practical using energy efficient, sustainable practices.

Paul Finlay, owner/operator, brings 30+ years of experience to Tychon projects that run from simple bath upgrades to more complex whole house remodels. He is known for his attention to detail from planning thru finish carpentry, sensitivity to client needs, and ability to quickly identify additional design opportunities and integrate them into a project in progress.


Top Ten things you should know about TYCHON

1. Up-front planning is key to a successful project.
No seat-of-the-pants approaches.

2. Design is the art of visualizing ideas. Good design is a necessity, not a luxury.

3. Bang-for-the-buck design opportunity is a constant pursuit.

4. We are never at a loss for solid ideas that capture your imagination and satisfy your renovation goals.

5. Durable designs that enhance existing architecture are a mainstay.

6. You always work with talented, accountable craftsmen.  There is no “B” team.

7. My team is candid, truthful and passionate with a tad bit of the perfectionist.

8. Small budgets are not a deterrent. The best ideas are often born of limitations.

9. We are the client’s ally and advocate. No matter how challenging the project, we can get into their heads and ferret out the best solutions.

10. The nagging details that “hurt your brain” are closely managed to produce a seamless building experience.

Above all we play by the rules. Building permits, Construction Contractor Board licensing regulations, and now the EPA lead safety Repair, Renovation and Painting requirements have to be satisfied. Despite the additional project costs these requirements generate, they are not discretionary and are formulated to protect consumers. In the end the person performing the work is responsible and liable.

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