Kind Words

Nice things clients have said

“Your name comes up quite often in our household as we discuss decorating or future plans. Both of us are quick to say, ‘I don’t know. We need to ask Paul.'”

Kitchen remodel . . . Madras, OR

Thank you for making our bedroom into a beautiful, habitable space, and for helping us get a good start on our life together.

Master bedroom/stairwell renovation . . . SE Portland

“Thanks again for all of your hard work, and your vision in bringing our kitchen to life. It really turned out magnificently and we are thoroughly enjoying the space. I learned a lot from you over the last five months and I appreciate you sharing some of your knowledge with me.”

Kitchen remodel . . . NE Portland

“I am delighted by the prospect of working with you in your field of expertise. I was struck by your awareness of small details and sense of design. I know you’ll pass that off as most anyone in your business should, but the reality is they don’t. Anyway, I just want to say thank you and I delight in getting to see new sides of you.”

Bath upgrade . . . NE Portland

“We continue to thank you for the fine job you did on our house.”

Whole house remodel & renovation . . . Salem, OR

“I’ve worked with a lot of contractors and Paul is by far the easiest to work with.”

Kitchen remodel . . . NE Portland

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