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A lot has happened over the past three decades, and a lot of what has happened is change.  Connecting with clients was simple and direct.  I didn’t even have a business card for the first 20 years of my career as a contractor.   I lived and worked in a small town in Central Oregon and everybody knew who you were whether you wanted them to or not.  And they always knew where to find you.

Now with a good start into the 21st century communication is a whole different set of strategies.  Word-of-mouth referrals still have great value, but people are looking for the information they want on the world wide web.  Took me years to break the hardcopy habit and go straight to the invisible electron stream for the information I needed.  Now those free phonebooks that show up on my door step go directly to recycle.

My son with a black belt in social media development kept pushing as I drug my feet until I conceded that I should build an online presence.  Now that you have found Tychon Development’s webblog, why would you check back in after today?  When I sat down to make a list of possible blog entry topics, I found that the list developed almost exponentially.  After 30+ years in the renovation business you pick up a lot of experience, and you form some pretty clear ideas about what works best in many aspects of the trade.

I am never at a loss for opinions and you may not agree with all of mine.  After all these years of wondering why people keep struggling for the same solutions, I am going to put in print the “Word According to Paul.”  I have always worked to create the approach, strategy, method or system that would make the next project more effective.  The information and resources that come with my point of view will hopefully be of help even if the opinions don’t fit everyone.  I do have a lot of client stories, some bordering on the paranormal, but those will have to be published posthumously.

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