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Belated post to THANK all who came to make Don’t Be Elfish!  a spirited last minute event of the holi-DAZE 2010.  The whole idea was to enjoy good people, food and fun while ramping up the season of giving.  A guest afterwards sent me this email:

“It’s nice to see the spirit of giving during Christmas.  Wish there were more parties like yours!” – Mark, Lansing Linoleum

The Finlay Boys look forward to expanding the agenda during December 2011, and to entertaining all of you all over again.

Special thanks go to Wendy Novick for so bravely letting the Finlay Boys pack people into her house for the evening.  To the Carri Bella Combo for the smooth holiday jazz sounds.  To Aaron Trotter for his intriguing art cards of Portland and ever so wide engaging smile.  To the NPOs represented by Kris Thompson from Wallace Medical Concern, Juan Martinez from Basic Rights Oregon, Stephen Marc Beaudoin from Phame Academy, Beth Burns from p:ear, Kate from Live!Wire Radio and Dennise Kowalczyck from KZME Radio.   Portland keeps growing and flourishing with all the great work you guys put out into the community.

Thanks for what you left behind, the dirty dishes AND the donations.

– Paul

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